It is inspired by the flowing motion of women skirt. When the light rotates, it looks like a women is dancing. REMARK The team : Fabien Dumas from TooManyDesigners & Erica Yip
INSPIRATION “Gitane” is inspired by the female dress. When the light rotates, it moves just like the dress of women. Mesh can make the design lighter, especially it is not a small ceiling light. Another feature is that it use LED lighting ring instead of light bulb, which allow people to totally look pass through the light. It will look even better by place two or three together. It create a light weight feeling and atmosphere to the interior.
MESH STRUCTURE Chiffon is one of the most common material applied on the dress to emphasize the feminine feature. It is soft, light and flow-able. The shape is not asymmetry to present the flow-able feeling. Instead of usual solid lampshade, I use aluminum mesh so that people can see through it, it is sexy and light.
aluminium mesh LED ring strip
Above rendering photos from HAY Design (found from google)