A tableware with a “Trust” concept in order to promote and encourage the spirit of helping each others.
“Tru-bowl” is designed for encourage people to trust and support others, while this relation can be built gradually by helping and communicating with people. TRU-BOWL
When the bowl stack up, the ears will cover the bowl edge. This prevent the edge (where months will touch it) from polluted by the surrounding dust.
When users are preparing the food, their thumb will easily immerse into the food. “Tru-bowl” has two “ears” that people can hold. When passing the food, one of the “ears” is for them to hold and another one is for the other one to do so.
ear bowl edge
Complementary Helping each other is a main factor of trust. The bottom of the bowl is a dome that it cannot stand on table alone stably. Lid is the stand of the bowl and the spoon can carry the whole tableware. They help each other, it is similar to the relationship of human. This design can also force people to give the food to others from hand-to-hand, but not just put it on the table.